Is your business protected against all potential compliance issues?

Have you ever worried HOW STRONG your
current documents are in PROTECTING

Have you kept on top ALL OF THE RECENT
CHANGES IN LEGISLATION in the last 2 years

Do you ever worry that YOU MIGHT BE HIT with
an employee/freelancer issue, an audit, or a client claim that MIGHT COST TIME AND MONEY?

Our “health-check” is a unique service – which provides a
proactive approach to minimize risk in your business.

The business health check-up covers 9 key areas that include:

Our thorough examination of these 9 key areas allows us to areas of exposure and make recommendations about how these areas can be addressed to ensure your business is not diverted from its core functions by annoying and expensive compliance issues and to help you make the changes now that will pay off in the long run.

Compliance with current and emergency

Employees and contractors

Supplies and Business Partners

Current Contractual commitments

Business Documents Review 

Business documents & Structure

Marketing and collateral

General Risk

Benefits of the business review process

  • Identify problems before they cost you money!

  • Feel comfortable that you are on top of the latest changes in laws and regulations!

  • Get an overview of the risks in your business and the most common risks in your industry, so you are aware of issues before they occur!

  • Get practical tips on how to keep your business protected without large legal fees!

  • Get to talk to a compliance expert directly about your business, and ask those questions you have been storing up!

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